Two dads take a nostalgic look at the Disney movies they grew up with as they watch them now with their kids. Friends since first grade, J.B. and Eddie share funny stories of childhood and fatherhood all while looking back at Disney movies. Honey, we made a Disney Podcast will have you laughing and reminiscing at the movies we grew up with. 


Eddie and his wife love to take the kids out for hikes and random adventures. Their favorite is to camp at Disney’s Fort Wilderness in Disney World. Inside Out was the first Disney movie they saw together, which opened with a favorite short I Lava You. Family movie night comes with Disney+, Gluten-Free Pizza, and a Dairy-Free Pizza. Allergies are their burden to bear.

J.B. Waggoner

J.B. is a film and video editor, enjoying living with his wife and kids in Nashville. They are die-hard Colts fans. Some of their most watched Disney+ movies include all the Cars movies, The Sword and Stone, and of course Star Wars!